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Be Our Guest


Here at The Inveralmond Brewery, we tailor our tour packages to your requirements.

What goes better with a pint than a crisp, piping hot pie? We source all our grub locally, with concession to vegetarian and other dietary requirements.

We provide soft drinks for non-drinkers and those heroic designated drivers.

Our souvenir mini-casks are customisable to your own organisation.

Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Changing facilities are also available on request.

Book your tour!

Call The Inveralmond Brewery Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm on +44 (0)1738 449448 to schedule your visit today.

Advance bookings recommended to avoid disappointment


Tour length is between 30 and 40 minutes, but our brewers love to blether, so expect to spend up to two hours onsite!


Wheelchair users are welcome. Two areas of the brewery are only accessible via stairs, but are not essential stops on the tour, and won't detract from the fun!


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