The Downriver Barleymen

Please read these short introductions to the people who ensure you receive a perfect pint of Inveralmond beer time after time.  Brewing beer needs passion and commitment. These eight people have that and a great deal of pride in what they do.

Fergus Clark (Managing Director)
Born on the banks of the Clyde in 1967, Fergus brought The Inveralmond Brewery to life in 1996 and started brewing there in 1997. This was after spells with GrandMet, Courage and eventually S&N, brewing some of the biggest beer brands in the world.

When not conducting market visits (aka in the pub or restaurant) Fergus enjoys playing with his two young children, and running to keep fit. If he wasn't brewing, he'd love to be a farmer, tilling the land and raising beef to enjoy with a traditional Sunday roast! A Lynyrd Skynard rocker at heart, his favourite book is One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzenitzin.

Ken Duncan (Head Brewer)
Ken first brewed twenty five years ago when he was given a homebrew kit. This hobby grew from a kitchen sink affair over the years to be a fully fledged garage brewery with mash tuns, coolers and fermentation vats… even an oak barrel for maturing strong ales. In 1993 he had over 2000 bottles of homebrew in his shed!

After winning several home brewing awards he decided to take the plunge and turn his passion for brewing into a profession, and went off to university to study brewing. His first brewing job application consisted of two bottles of his own beer which were drunk at the interview. There was a successful outcome!

A man of many pairts, Ken's interest range from baking to being a member of the Duke of Athol's private army! A fine linguist, he was born on the Great Western Road in Glasgow in 1960 and is very much the 'public face' of the brewery. His oratory and enthusiasm make him a popuar choice for beer tastings across the country.

Richard Barnes (Brewer)
Richard was born in Buckinghamshire midway through the last century. His brewing career started with S&N before moving to Boddingtons in 1992. He joined The Inveralmond Brewery in 2004.

He is an outdoor enthusiast. Skiing, canoeing, biking and especially Munro-bagging… anything to get the wind on his face. If he didn't brew beer he would like to be a meteorologist, which would come in handy out on the hills.

Richard remembers his first pint: Wethered's Mild for 1/10d! Unfortunately, given his age, his recall of his latest pint is less good.

Malcolm Scrivens (Brewery Assistant)
Malc joined Inveralmond in 2005 and is our resident chef. Born in Cheltenham in the last century, his tastes are wide ranging as his choice of fantasy dinner guests shows: Barry Sheene, Barbara Streisland and Sitting Bull. Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall when they dig into scallops, steak au poivre and apple pie!

The Far East is a big influence on Malc's hobbies: showing bonsai trees and playing ping pong. Not at the same time though.

WARNING: Malc is a black belt in 'Lap Goch', the ancient Welsh martial art.

George Samson (Office Manager)

John Macduff (Drayman)
John was born in Dunblane at the start of the swinging 60's, although he doesn't lay claim to starting the swing.

His formative years (24 of them) were spent in the army. On leaving the army he had a couple of 'fillers' before being headhunted by Inveralmond in August 2005 because of his excellent work ethic, intelligence, youthful good looks and legendary modesty. The polygraph test was the only bit of the psychometric screening that he failed for some reason.

A rampant Saints fan, John enjoys the open roads touring with his wife Jan and their dog Harry. You will spot them driving round the country roads with The Proclaimers blaring and the wind in their hair/fur.

Jonathan Whyte (Drayman)
Johnny (as he is known in the brewery) is the newest member of the team having joined the brewery in 2008. He was born in Glasgow in 1976 and waited 15 years before having his first pint in 'some pub' in Tunbridge Wells. His favourite tipple is champagne and he says he is a queen who loves the opera. His writing is awful.

Spending time with his partner Lynne and daughter Emily is important to Johnny. Lynne and Emily were unavailable for comment at time of going to press. He would like to be a house husband and flounce around the house in marigolds and a pinny listening to Freddie Mercury (have you seen the video to 'I want to break free'?) and Elvis, preparing tiger prawns and fillet steak for his family.

Graeme Hirstwood  (Trainee Brewer)
Graeme lives in Edinburgh with his fiancé Sarah.  He is very fond of keeping fit and includes long distance running and skiing amongst his hobbies.  But it is in martial arts that Graeme excels.  A 1st dan in jujitsu and a 2nd dan in kempo, Graeme is the man we always push to the front in case of bother.  Having your own Power Ranger in the brewery is very handy.  He is a former banker, having worked at the Royal Bank of Canada in Edinburgh.  But he has since seen the light and joined our brewery late last year.  Sometimes known as Grima after a trip to the Czech Republic when a friend of the brewery gave him the moniker, his first pint ever was Kilkenny although his favourite nowadays is Lia Fail.

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