What in the world is The Inspiration Series?

A flexible, edgy and sophisticated series of world beers that showcases Inveralmond’s versatility as a craft brewery, The Inspiration Series has been developed as a tribute to the magnificent brewing and beer traditions of the world.

What’s so special about Sunburst?

In salute to the Bohemian pilsners of the Czech Republic, the creation of Sunburst was sparked by Ken’s (our Head Brewer’s) close relationship with the country. Ken speaks fluent Czech, and his brew incorporates a strain of yeast gifted to him by Břevnovský Pivovar, one of the oldest brewing sites in Prague, where beer has been produced since the year 993.

What’s it like?

Sunburst is the only authentic Czech pilsner brewed in Scotland. We combine Pilsner malts in soft Perthshire waters and ignite this with the enticing aromas of Saaz and Hallertau Hersbruker hops. Then, that special Czech yeast is released to work its magic. The result? An inimitable blend of Scottish class and continental substance.

If you had to match it with one meal

A chilled glass of Sunburst is exquisite with smoked salmon, freshly squeezed lemon, capers and cracked black pepper on a freshly baked slice of soda bread. 

Look out for new additions to our Inspiration Series, brewing soon…