Beautiful beer seeks partner for divine dining experience

At Inveralmond Brewery, we’re not prescriptive about our beer matching recommendations. Ken likes to sup his Sunburst with a crisp summer salad, while Fergus would much rather pair it with a margarita pizza. The golden rule with combining beer and food is that everyone has a different palate. However, it would be rude not to avail ourselves of the opportunity to make some suggestions, based on what we enjoy.


Ossian is, by nature, zesty; the craft beer equivalent of a Sauvignon Blanc. Its clean, spritzy characteristics are underwritten by more complex, nutty attributes, and its overall hoppiness gives it an aroma that’s hard to ignore. Ossian will sear through creamy dishes, exhilarating casserole, risotto and white fish with its signature zing.

Lia Fail

Rich, dark and luxurious, its brooding chocolatey bitterness and mouth-coating simmer means Lia Fail is a match made in heaven for red meat. Pair with a bourgignon for flavour fireworks, or with a nibbled square of dark chocolate and a ponderous tome.


Floral, quenching characteristics are what help this Scottish Red ‘droon your drouth’, and Thrappledouser can fair quell an inferno. Vibrant curries like chicken tikka masala or dry and aromatic dishes like Moroccan lamb will make worthy companions.


A most willing accomplice, the crisp and refreshing, Pilsner works just as well with finger-licking BBQ food as fragrant Pad Thai. It’s cleansing on the palate, so can be enjoyed with delicate flavours like sushi, while its bitterness will add edge to sugary treats; apple pie, strawberry posset or baklava will fare well with Sunburst on the side.

Sound tasty? Tweet us your best matches @inveralmondbeer  or comment with your favourite beer and food match below! We’re very open to new suggestions!